MY TRAITS The project "My Traits" starts with the purpose of showing people's different somatic traits resulting from different nationalities belongings all over the world, who have a variegated socio-cultural background or who were born from parents coming from different countries. "My traits" shows that despite exterior differences, which are the product of migration, adaptations and mixtures, every person is part of the same race, the human one. Although progress has been made, the human race is not yet cohesive and still faces several issues given from social and cultural differences, hence we can't say it is completely evolved. Pacific coexistence between different people is one of the most important steps towards evolution and only when the process of knowledge and coexistence sharing will be accomplished, together with equal wealth distribution, humanity could finally be defined as evolved. The heart of the questions is: we are humans, we are equal and we can share this planet peacefully despite everything.